Learn about the actual interpretation of Marana Karaka Sthana of each Graha! Also learn about the secret method of tradition in remedying the Marana Karaka Graha (MKS).


This session is recorded video of approximately 2.5 hours which has been taught by my Guruji, Shri Bibhash Choudhary, who has learned from a tradition / lineage.


The following topics are covered in this session:

  • Reference from Standard text with respect to decoding of Marana Karaka Sthana (MKS) position of each Graha?
  • What is the positive and negative effect of MKS Graha in your horoscope?
  • How MKS position is cancelled and the Graha gets light?
  • How MKS Graha be remedied?
  • Why Graha’s are having MKS in some houses?
  • Why Mercury and Kethu is having MKS in more than one house?
  • 5 Notable Horoscopes (Shri Ram, Pamela Anderson, Adolf Hitler, Shri Narendra Modi and Satya Sai Baba) has been explained for interpreting everything about MKS in their horoscope?
  • Hidden dictum of MKS with respect to lineage/ tradition has also been explained appropriately.

Decoding of Marana Karaka Sthana (position) of Graha’s (ग्रह)

  • Dr. Bibhash Choudhary is  a Chartered Accountant cum Astrologer with experience of more than a decade. His Astrology book is referred as study material by various Institutes.​

    He is Vidya Vachaspati (Doctor of Philosophy), Gold Medalist in Astrology, KP Astrologer, FCA, FCMA, EMBA(F), LIII, B.Com (Hons). CPI, Mem-Bava & MARP.