We all know that there are 12 Rashi, but we don’t know or may not know where the same is mentioned. Further, if you search internet or social media sites, then you will find that there are many characteristics and features associated with each Rashi which makes us confused and disordered. Hence in this course attempt has been made to make you understand about each Rashi’s through Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra, Jataka Parijataka and other scripts.


This course is a recorded video of approximately 1 hours which has been taught by my Guruji Shri Bibhash Choudhary who has learned from a tradition/ lineage. This is a rare collection and you will not find this anywhere in such a consolidated and concise way.


The following key concepts are covered in the said course:

  • Decoding of sloka as mentioned in Brihat Parasara Hora Sastra as well as in Jataka Parijataka with respect to each Rashi.
  • Interpretation of each Rashi so that you need not need memorise or refer to any books.
  • Some of important Dictums are also shared with.

Know About Rashi (राशि)

  • Dr. Bibhash Choudhary is  a Chartered Accountant cum Astrologer with experience of more than a decade. His Astrology book is referred as study material by various Institutes.​

    He is Vidya Vachaspati (Doctor of Philosophy), Gold Medalist in Astrology, KP Astrologer, FCA, FCMA, EMBA(F), LIII, B.Com (Hons). CPI, Mem-Bava & MARP.