Compendium on Graha (Planets) along with Hidden & Advanced Concepts of each Graha

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3.5 Hours approx

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Compendium on Graha (Planets) along with Hidden & Advanced Concepts of each Graha


Bibhash Choudhary

Bibhash is a Chartered Accountant cum Astrologer with experience of more than a decade. His Astrology book is referred as study material by various Institutes.

He is Vidya Vachaspati (Doctor of Philosophy), Gold Medalist in Astrology, KP Astrologer, FCA, FCMA, EMBA(F), LIII, B.Com (Hons). CPI, Mem-Bava & MARP

About the course

In this course you will understand about each Graha’s along with hidden and advanced concepts of each Graha as has been mentioned in the classics. This is an unique session and you will not find them at one place anywhere.

This course is a recorded video of approximately 3.5 hours which has been taught by my Guruji Shri Bibhash Choudhary who has learned from a tradition/ lineage.

In this video you will first learn about the 2 Gurus (Jupiter and Venus) and then you will learn about Saturn, Mars, Mercury, Kethu, Rahu, Sun and Moon.

The following concepts are covered in the said course:
• What is the form and nature of each Graha as per the classics?
• How each Graha is related to Indian Mythology (Spiritual relevance)?
• What is the actual pictorial representation of each Graha vis-à-vis as found on Intranet?
• Reference to all Sloka has been mentioned in this video.
• What is the Karaka’s/ Significators of each Graha?
• How to decode the Karaka’s/ Significators of each Graha?
• Which Graha’s are very important in ones horoscope?
• What are the Hidden concepts of each applicable to each Graha?
• Which Karaka/Significator is important while analysing the horoscope of yourself or others?
• What are the important Dictums applicable to each Graha?