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Written by my Guruji, Shri Bibhash Choudhary, who has learned from Son of Late Prof. K.S. Krishnamurthi, founder of KP System of Astrology.

Books have been recommended as Text Books by Institutes.

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No prior knowledge on astrology is required for understanding and interpreting these books.

It will serve as your tutor in unfolding many wonderful secrets on KP System.

Proven steps and strategies with detailed and appropriate explanation along with practical illustrations are provided in the books.

Scientific predictions can be made in easy way not only for major events (marriage, job, etc.); but also for short events like arrival of courier, arrival of train at the platform, etc. 

It will provide the impetus for guiding you on analyzing your own horoscope.

List of Books

Learn KP System of Astrology from Books

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Year 2015

The Only Complete Compendium on Kp Astrology

This book was released in the Year 2015 and was acclaimed as the ‘largest selling title’ by the Publisher (in November’ 2015).

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Year 2019

A Compendium of KP Astrology

Important Theories and Explanations

This book was released in 2019.

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Year 2021

A Compendium of KP Astrology

Basic Rules and Applied Horoscopes

This book was released in January 2021.



Dr Vikas Chouhan,

Director of Shri Maharishi College 0f Vedic Astrology, Udaipur, Rajasthan

Shri Bibhash Choudhary is an accomplished writer and has written three books on KP astrology which is very good and I have recommended the books to my students of the College.

Prof. Sundar Balakrishnan,

Faculty of Astrology at Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan, Mumbai, Rajasthan

This book is something unique. He is a person from Finance background with several degrees to his credit. Such people are bound to use logic in astrology and give this  wonderful subject of astrology to the readers in a very simple and lucid way. There are several books available in the market. But the books written by him are unique in the sense that he has covered …… His books are in three volumes. I am sure his books will be immense help to students as well as practioners.

Debasis Sarkar,

Sky Watchers Association 

of North Bengal (SWAN)

Here comes the difference. Bibhash, a well known expert in the field of astrology, is indeed an exception. Rather an example of a rare species in the whole genera. His book shows him equally respectful, equally inquisitive, equally serious and equally honest to both, his derivations of astrological predictions as well as calculations of astronomical events……..I can say beyond doubt is, if at all any prediction is possible, it has to be as Bibhashji and his books predict.